Unrealistic Propaganda: Fictional Contents of Rumiyah to Defame ISLAM

22 May


(Syed Saqib Ali Shah)

In the 7th edition of Rumiyah, a neophyte female DAISH terrorist slams Muslims of not understanding actual Islam under DAISH. Al-Finlandiyyah influenced by DAISH’ fabricated prespective of Jihad without any sound knowledge of Islam has tried to justify the terrorism of DAISH as sacred act. She has completely ignored DAISH’s involvement of sexual enslavement and rapes of women in Iraq and Syria and blindly writes on propaganda of DAISH for justifying that the ignorant ‘Muslims’ are blaming DAISH for spreading fitnah and ‘spoiling the jihad, though the only true jihad for Allah’s cause is what DAISH is actually conducting for the establishment of Allah’s rule on earth. No doubt jihad is a directive of Islam but DAISH’s killing of innocent Muslims, children and women is not Jihad but it is the worst form of terrorism. The Quran requires of its followers that if they have the strength, they should wage war against oppression and injustice. Those having insight know that Muslims are not given this directive of jihad in their individual capacity but with order of ruler after consensus. No individual or group of Muslims has the right to take this decision on the behalf of all Muslims. It is for this reason that the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, “A Muslim ruler is a shield; war can only waged under him.” (Bukhari : 2957)  The directive of jihad given by Islam is war for the cause of Allah; therefore, it cannot be waged while disregarding moral restrictions. Hence, it is absolutely certain that jihad can only be waged against combatants. The words of the verse which mention the directive of jihad are totally against to what DAISH perpetuates, “And fight in the way of Allah with those who fight against you and do not transgress bounds in this fighting. Indeed, Allah does not like the transgressors.” (2:190).


The writer, who may be a fictional character created by the publishers of Rumiyah, also called Muslims to turn their backs on anyone who votes in elections and become part of democracy. She holds that “Participating in government elections and voting in them, as well as military service, working as a lawyer, and criticising the Shari’ah of Allah, are only a few of the many things which can nullify one’s Islam. So as an example, anyone who denies that a so-called ‘Muslim’ Member of Parliament is a murtadd kafir as he has committed shirk (holding something as equal to Allah) with Allah in legislation is himself a murtadd.” However, In Islam, Judicial Shariah represents sovereignty of Allah whereas sovereignty of nation is represented in the assemblies or consultations (parliaments). Therefore, the people are the one, who select the representations and own the popular will to choose the ruler and the judicial framework that fits within the state, according to the economic, societal, political and other factors. The concept of sovereignty creates various absolute divine rules, however, it gives the people space to design and exercise their power over their polity, policy and political life.


Centuries before the thinkers of the present age, the Quran had declared: “And those who obeyed the command of their Lord and established prayer and their affairs are decided by mutual consultation and they spend something out of Our provision in Our way.” (42:38). This clearly meant that an Islamic government would be established through their consultation and everyone will have equal rights in this consultation, whatever done through consultation will only be undone through consultation and every individual will become part of the consultative process. Moreover, if a decision cannot be reached through a consensus or total agreement, then the opinion of the majority shall be accepted as the decision. This is precisely what democracy is. Thus dictatorship is not acceptable in any case whether it is of a dynasty or a group of people and not even of religious scholars in the interpretation of issues related to religion and Shariah. In modern states, the institution of the parliament has been constituted for this very purpose. It holds and should hold the final authority in the system of state. People do have a right to criticize the decisions of the parliament and point out their mistakes; however, no one has the right to disobey them or rebel against them. Neither scholars nor the judiciary is above the parliament. The Quranic principle mentioned above binds every individual and every institution to practically submit to the decisions of the parliament even though they may differ with them. It is only this way which is justified in setting up the rule of Islam and to run it.


She said, “While DAISH tries to protect the Muslims living in its shade from kufr (non-believers) and riddah (apostate), every Muslim living in Dar al-Kufr (Islam) must study for himself and protect himself from these actions, and having made hijrah (migration) to become one nation under Caliphate.” On the contrary, what the Quran has said is: “Muslims are brothers, therefore make peace between the two brothers and fear Allah that the mercy may be shown to you.” (49:10). Thus the relationship between Muslims is based on brotherhood. While being divided into several nations, countries and states they are brothers in faith. Hence, what can be demanded from them is that they should keep themselves aware of the circumstances of their brothers, help them in their troubles and tribulations, support those who are oppressed among them, give them preference in economic and social ties and in no circumstances close their doors on them. However, what cannot be demanded from them is that they give up their nation states and national identities and become one nation under so-called Caliphate of DAISH. Just as they can create separate nation and states, in the same way if they have the freedom to follow their religion, they can live in the capacity of citizens of non-Muslim states and adopt their nationality. None of this is forbidden by the Quran and Sunnah.


The magazine, which promotes the indiscriminate killing of Muslims and Kafr (non-believers), is widely mocked online. The proponents of DAISH terrorist ideology is at mercy of advocators who do not understand Islam and exploit its teaching.  One of its best instances is the neophyte female DAISH terrorist who criticizes Muslims of not understanding Islam. However, it is forbidden in Islam to declare a caliphate without consensus from all Muslims and DAISH is a group of no more than several thousand. DAISH’s claims to jihad are also illegitimate that they have killed many innocents who were neither combatant nor armed and even DAISH’s terrorists have no definite knowledge about their victims whether they disagree with their opinion or not. There is distinction between Islam and DAISH. DAISH has been carrying out all what is forbidden in Islam, including denying women and children their rights, sexual enslavement and rapes of women in Iraq and Syria, torturing and killing innocent people. DAISH are terrorists and criminals whereas, murderers and criminals have no place in our ranks, in Islam.


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