Congratulations Pakistan!

20 Mar

Ishaal Zehra

Congratulations Pakistan, you have come a long way. The spring is here.pakistan day

There was a time, few years back, when all the social and national mass gathering activities were at a halt because of the
terror threats. And today the headlines of all leading dailies were humming about the appearance of Chinese troops and a Turkish military band at the Pakistan Day parade later this month.

The preparations for holding Pakistan Day parade on March 23 by the armed forces and the civil administrations of the country are in the full swing. It is for the first time that foreign troops are taking part in the ‘Pakistan Day’ parade.

The joint military parade of 23rd March was cancelled due to security reasons in the country and mainly because of deployment of troops at western borders in the war against terror. After a seven-year lapse, the parade was revived with traditional celebrations in 2015.

The armed forces parade accompanied by the exhibition of military hardware and cultural floats are the key highlights of annual celebrations. The day’s true greatness is more universal as it demonstrates the ideology of the independence movement. It was this day that the Muslim League endorsed its demand for a separate homeland to safeguard the sanctity of the rights of the 30 million Muslims living in British controlled India.

Apart from commemorating the Lahore Resolution of March 23 1940, the parade also marks the day when Pakistan was declared a republic in 1956 with the adoption of the first democratic Constitution.


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