RAW & NDS outsource terrorism: set prices to kill Pakistanis?

6 Mar

By Mirwais Khan|

Discussions with several sources in local police and intelligence in and around Chamman, in Pakistani province of Baluchistan reveal that Indian and Afghan Intelligence agencies (RAW & NDS respectively) operating from the Afghan town of Spin Boldak, may have developed newer ingenuous methods of using terror outfits against Pakistani security forces and civilians.

With more and more arrests, and surrenders in these areas and the debriefing of the arrested handlers in Lahore and other parts of Pakistan a broader picture of Indian and Afghan agencies role in creating terrorism inside Pakistan is getting clearer. This can be called: “Out-Sourcing of Terrorism”

With the recent wave of terror attacks across Pakistan, that killed almost 200 people over the last ten days, the question that stood out is: how do these apparently religiously motivated or sectarian outfits finance their activities? Intelligence and policing sources claim, that the drawing room intellectuals sitting in Islamabad and hobnobbing with diplomats, have no idea of the realities on ground. Terrorism costs money; a single suicide mission can cost up to Rs. 4 million to its planners and takes several weeks of sophisticated planning and coordination. Terrorism does not come cheap. “Its less about religion and sectarianism and more about management & financing like business projects”; one intelligence source argued.



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