To Isolate Pakistan Will Always Remain a Dream

26 Sep


By Sohail Parwaz

As I have already shared a chapter about the Indians playing foolish by going for a surgical strike in a haste thus getting an international embarrassment, now I am sharing chapter seventeen of my book ‘The Cornered Rogue” which is clearly predicting the birth of CPEC, the Iranian interest to join Pak China Block and Indians long for a limited strike inside Pakistan. Although the Indians have lost the most essential element of surprise but like a wounded snake they have still not given up the idea of launching a couple of local attacks inside Pakistan. Their only headache is that they don’t have a surety that Pakistan will keep it local and restricted.

The Indians have bagged a big embarrassment and humiliation because they were all set to teach a lesson to Pakistan and even Mr. Modi bragged to isolate Pakistan but on ground the situation is different; Iran showing interest to join CPEC, Russia is carrying out exercises with Pakistan army, CPEC is almost being finalised with the help of China while Turkey has thrown full weight behind Pakistan and amidst this one is failed to find ‘Isolation’ in the near and far distances. India is desperate and that’s known to all. She is expected to commit a blunder like a wounded snake as said earlier. Please read the following paragraphs from my fiction work in the above mentioned scenario.

“The Chinese invited Pakistani and Iranian prime ministers for dialogues on regional mutual interest. Outcome of this summit was quite fruitful for all the participants. As a first step, Pakistan was asked to construct the Gwadar-Turbat Highway which was to be linked to Chabahar-Zahedan Highway in Iran. At the same time already existing Gwadar coastal highway was to be expanded to link Karachi, Gwadar and Chabahar port of Iran. Chinese agreed to finance the project, certainly for their prime interest. Their dream to have an excess to the Central Asian Republics’ healthy markets was slowly coming true. Pakistan and China agreed to stand by Iranians in case of economic sanctions loomed by the Americans. Everyone seemed to be happy and contended except for Indians, who were told by Iranians about having a limited way in to the Chabahar seaport now.

The Americans protested to Chinese for sponsoring such ideas, which the Chinese bluntly turned down by saying that main regional players of the game have rights to watch their interest. America as an outsider has no right to object upon. Not only this, China warned the Americans not to push Pakistan against the wall. The Americans, however, realised the economical disaster back home that compelled them to wind up their bases, fleets in phases from all over the world including from the Persian Gulf. They didn’t pursue their protest but did keep the bitterness pending for some other appropriate time. Their main interest was to have a safe exit from Afghanistan. Rest happening in the region was of secondary importance to them for now. With Pakistan, India always had tense bilateral relations but now she was not happy with Iranians too – certainly for latter’s tainted attitude – without realising that; they asked for it themselves when they didn’t play some fair games with the Iranians. Deep grudge, vendetta against Pakistan was growing with every coming day.

The DGMI Pakistan Army had some very breath taking information available at his table. Neither it was hearsay nor some gossip. It was pure HUMINT information gathered through credible sources, corroborated by troops deployed on international border as well as the LOC. Major General Faisal, the Director General Military Intelligence wanted to be hundred percent sure about the authenticity of this information before reporting his commander, the Army Chief, General Muhammad Khalid. When he consulted his colleague DGMO, General Khurram Naeem on the issue, latter too had same sort of reports. The matter was quite serious as the intelligence agencies had picked some mass movement of the Indian troops towards the border areas in a few sectors. Some heavy concentration was seen in the South, in Rajasthan, up in the North in Kashmir. Now the DGMO had no reason not to talk to his counterpart in India on hotline. It was responded by General Ashoke, ‘Hello General! A pleasant surprise to hear from you after quite some time! I am sure all is well?’ ‘It was a surprise for us as well when the Indian troops were noted moving unannounced so close to the border at more than one location’ Khurram without much ado came to the point.

For a moment there was silence at the other end then came, not a very firm reply, ‘Actually General we are concentrating in Thar Desert near Bikaner for routine exercises that’s the only location where you could see us crowding.’ ‘Routine exercises? Though it’s entirely your command’s prerogative but frankly speaking this is not the part of the year when you people carry out routine exercises? Besides that, dumping of matching logistic reserves has been noted in the built up areas. Well that carries a big question mark General? That’s one thing, then there is yet another worrying issue’ General Khurram paused for a moment, then continued, ‘We have a mutual agreement that whenever any one of us would move so close to the international borders the other party would be informed about reasons or intentions in advance, if I am not wrong.’

Ashoke laughed faintly as if he was enjoying Khurram’s lost sleep, ‘But we aren’t near the international borders General.’ ‘You mean coming miles ahead of Bikaner in Desert, from where even vehicles tactical numbers are readable, can’t be termed as coming close to International borders, General?’ ‘Well if that’s so then I am informing you now that we intend carrying out our joint forces exercises’ Ashoke took an abrupt U turn to avoid any further cross questioning but the Pakistani DGMO had a lot more in his bag to shoot and he was in no mood to let him go like that. ‘That you are doing now, I am afraid, a bit late General Ashoke? So much so was for Thar sector but what about your assembling and movement in Kashmir sector? A mass scale movement has been observed on Jammu-Leh Road besides concentration at Drass, Kargil and Batalik’ General Khurram said in a plain voice. ‘Well that is a preemptive to counter any 1999 like Kargil adventure in future’ Ashoke came back with sarcasm. ‘But do you find some wingding, opposite to you, across the LOC now?’ enquired General Khurram with equal travesty and after giving a pause of few seconds he continued, ‘so we reserve the right to cater for these unusual and abnormal built ups?’ ‘As you wish’ Ashoke, having no other suitable, diplomatic term available, said helplessly. ‘General! I am sure that soon we will exchange details about the deployment all along the international border and at the LOC, if we are interested in keeping mutual trust intact ….. Have a good day General’ Khurram summed up and put down the phone.

Things were quite serious, needed an immediate attention. The talk about Indian Cold Start strategy, over heard by Gulsher few months back during a reception at Delhi was in the air among GHQ circles. The worried General thought for a while and then gave a buzz to the concerned director, asked him to prepare a brief about the Indian build ups on Eastern border, ASAP. Within 24 hours the Army Chief was informed through the CGS who immediately asked for a briefing at MO Directorate as early as possible since General Khalid wanted to brief the Supreme Commander of the Forces (The President) not before he himself was absolutely sure about the Indian intentions or future adventure plans if any”.



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