Uri Attack: Tailored Terrorism

23 Sep


Sarah Khan

On 18 September 2016, Indian coward and shrewd agency RAW stage managed an attack against its own Brigade Headquarters in Uri Town of Baramulla district of Kashmir, a territory that it has been unreasonably occupying for decades. The timing of the occurrence has raised many questions about perpetrators of the attack as it came ahead of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s address to the United Nations General Assembly’s 71st session. During the address, PM raised the issue of Kashmir and ongoing brutality of Indian forces in occupied territory which goes unchecked since ten weeks resulting in hundreds of casualties.

India, habitual of wrongly alleging Pakistan of every terror attack on its soil, has revisited its pigheaded attitude with the latest attack on Brigade Headquarters in Uri. As usual, Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, held Pakistan responsible for the attack in his statement. It should be noted here that no investigations have been done so far and no committee formed to probe the incident.

Similar was the case of the terror attack executed in January this year at Pathankot airbase in Indian Punjab near the border after which Narendra Modi-led administration leveled allegations against Pakistan without any substantial evidence. Responding to unfounded allegations, Foreign Office has declared the allegations a part of anti-Pakistan propaganda that India has been following ever since independence. Director General Military Operations of Pakistan also contacted his Indian counterpart through hotline and rejected the unjustified allegations. Meanwhile, Inter-Service Public Relations of Pakistan military has stated that infiltration was impossible across the border owing to tight security on both the sides of Line of Control as well as the Working Boundary.

Indian brutal use of force against innocent civilians of Kashmir enhanced in the recent days remains unchecked after lapse of almost ten weeks. The UN and so called champions of World’s peace so far remain lip locked over Indian atrocities in Kashmir. Nearly 100 Kashmiris have been martyred while at least 700 have lost their eyesight to use of pellet guns by Indian troops in the series of latest curfews one of which lasted for at least 74 days. Pakistan has several times urged UN and international community to play their part in cessation of Indian brutalities in Kashmir. The issue has been raised this time again in 71st session of UNGA by Pakistani delegation headed by Prime Minister. Pakistan has also conveyed its concerns over Indian state terrorism in Kashmir during bilateral meeting with US Secretary of State and British Prime Minister.

Despite Indian coward attempt of tailored terrorism in Uri, Pakistani delegates in UN have forcefully urged US and international community to address Indian state terrorism in Kashmir and play an effective role in cessation of use of force against innocent Kashmiri civilians. Now its high time for so called champions of peace and democracy i.e. UN and US to seriously address and check ever growing Indian brutalities in Kashmir and play its role in peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue by giving right of self determination to Kashmiris as per UN resolutions.



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