RAW forms new anti-Pakistan cell: sources

24 Aug

NEW YORK (Dunya News) – Indian intelligence agency RAW is ready to become more active in Pakistan as it has formed a cell with the name ‘Baloch Operation’ to intensify its actions in the country, reported on Monday.

Sources told that a Canadian 25-year-old Baloch refugee Mujadik Dilshad and his wife are nowadays residing in India. They were called by RAW to establish a group consisting of Baloch immigrants living in US, Canada, Australia, Afghanistan and Iran.

Military training would also be given to the members of the group.

Mujadik Dilshad is a son of famous filmmaker Ghulam Mustafa who was taken into custody in 2006 over illegal activities after which the whole Dilshad family was shifted to Canada.


A report, urging to use Balochis living overseas against Pakistan by training them under commando action as Pakistan’s military forces are busy in National Action Plan and operation Zarb-e-Zarb, was submitted to Indian PM Modi.

The report said that such people would be helpful for Indian bad intentions in freedom movement of Balochistan. A new desk to monitor Baloch operation has also been arranged in RAW headquarters.

Under the operation, those supporting Balochistan’s freedom are being contacted for a nefarious purpose.

Sources told that Mujadik has given secret information to the Indian forces and is ready to go against Pakistan Army for the independence of Balochistan. He has also been instructed to form a group of rebels that will be completely funded by RAW.

It was also learnt that RAW wants to launch major operation against Pakistan Army to divert its attention from Zarb-e-Azb operation.

 Reported by Nadeem Sulehri



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