India ‘Stuck In 1962 War Mindset’: Chinese Media On Nuke Club NSG Bid

18 Jul

Beijing, China:
In China, the state-run media is continuing a sharply critical analysis of India’s bid to enter the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group or NSG, which was thwarted by Beijing last month.

A state-run daily today said India is “still stuck in the 1962 war mindset” as it called for a more objective evaluation of Beijing’s stand.

“The Indian public seems to be having a hard time accepting the outcome of the Seoul plenary meeting of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) late last month after India failed to gain entry into NSG,” an oped-page article in Global Times said.
The country seems to be “still stuck” in the shadow of the war with China in the 1960s and many still hold on to the “obsolete geopolitical view” that China does not want to see India’s rise, it said.

“However, New Delhi may have misunderstood Beijing, which can make a big difference in its strategic decisions. In fact, China no longer looks at India simply from a political perspective, but far more from an economic one,” the article said.

As New Delhi pushed its case to join the NSG last month, the Global Times, part of the publications of the ruling Communist Party of China publications, carried a number of articles including a hard-hitting editorial claiming that China’s stand is “morally legitimate” and the West has “spoiled” India.

China has said that because India has not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the major global arms pact, it should not be allowed into the 48-nation bloc that controls the trade in nuclear technology and guards against a nuclear weapons race.

The US has lobbied heavily on India’s behalf, arguing that Delhi’s nuclear programme has been a responsible one, unlike that of Pakistan.

India better put more efforts into figuring out how to obtain international trust rather than misinterpreting and defaming China,” said today’s editorial, reflecting that other countries expressed similar misgivings about membership for India.

The NSG is expected to meet later this year for a likely discussion on India’s membership, along with that of other countries who have not signed the non-proliferation treaty.


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