World should understand the suffering of Pakistan in terror fight. American Climber

30 Jun

ISLAMABAD, June 14 (APP): American British mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien said there is misconception about Pakistan regarding security situation and terrorism.
In an exclusive interaction with APP here Tuesday, Vanessa termed it due to scrupulous reporting and said, “Because only extremists’ activities are reported from here which was normality not being reported from Pakistan.
Present in Islamabad, Vanessa O’Brien would be departing for Gilgit Baltistan to formally launch her expedition ‘United K2’ in few days. Also a keen observer, Vanessa expounded “If culprits in Bin Ghazi terror act are captured including one may be Pakistani that would be much reported. “But on the other hands as partners in war against terror, Pakistan suffered the most than the US and the UK” she maintained adding “This, western eyes don’t understand nor the American and British public”.
Vanessa urged international community to come ahead with Pakistan. “That is a terrible thing having lot of loss of lives, people must understand that we should come to our ally together and we must be more united in fighting terrorism” she said.
Passionate to become a first ever American and British woman to summit K2 Vanessa said that she would be carrying Pakistani, US and British flags to be hoisted at K2 peak as sign of friendship and solidarity among the three states.
Much happy with cordiality and hospitality by Pakistanis, Vanessa said people of Pakistan are fantastic, “they have amazing sense of humor, they are kind, generous and they opened the doors and facilitate me in my expedition vary well” she shared her experience and added “my journey would be a repay for the people. I simply say that I know them”.
It is worth mentioning here that Vanessa O’Brien, besides many other distinctions in adventurous expeditions around the world, is also Guinness World Record holder for being fastest woman to climb the Seven Summits, the highest peak on every continent, in 295 days.
APP/ Hamza/anm
VNS Islamabad


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