Amendments National Accountability Ordinance at a Y Junction! Standard

30 May

By: Aasef Chauhdry

Imran khan was always blamed for taking a solo flight. There are two schools of thoughts that exist within PTI; one who are in favor of struggling for the democracy at their own and without cooperation from other political parties. There point is that all parties are tried and are knees down in corruption. The other group is of the view that in politics one can’t make a solo flight and one has to be in alliance with the other political parties. The people belong to this group are more like opportunists and they have either joined PTI foreseeing its bright future or have been launched by their parties to keep them update about the happenings and strategies of PTI. Unfortunately the latter group is currently having an edge over other group; that is of die heart workers.
After the Panama Papers Leak PTI was the first one to come out and strongly criticise the PMLN government for the wrong doings of Sharif family. It was in fact a blow to all members of corrupt mafia, may the person be from this party or that party. The only problem was that nobody could support Nawaz Sharif on an evident and irrefutable report of corruption. Hence a strategy was drawn, though discreetly, to swim with the sail and silently make the moves to neutralise PTI’s struggle and war against corruption. That was the time when the second group of PTI suggested the party leaders rather pressurized them not to make a solo flight and asked them to be the part of the grand opposition alliance.
From that point the movement against corruption slowed down. In part two of PPP led oppositions plan was to foot the amendment in accountability ordinance of 1999. Meanwhile, some political parties are also demanding amendments in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance 1999 as well. However, controversy exists between the political parties about the amendments. Hence, fallout of harmful amendments in this ordinance needs extraordinary study. It is notable that in April, 2016, some political parties in the Senate, including the PML-N and PPP had jointly demanded amendments in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance, keeping their vested interests in mind. However, Two resolutions by PPP and PTI are being moved in the National Assembly to amend the National Accountability Ordinance-1999. While, PTI amendments aim at strengthening the existing ordinance, the PPP desires to limit the ordinance jurisdiction to the federal government only, thus to keep Sindh safe from the federal hands.
It has to be critically analysed that what would be the fallout of these two versions of amendments; PPP version and PTI version. Let’s take the PPP, in case their proposed amendments are floored and accepted then it will have following adverse effects; it’s going to paralyzes the entire accountability process and would make it virtually impotent, whatever little disincentive exists against corruption, it would be lifted and the corrupts will have a jolly good time and lastly the provincial accountability mechanisms are likely to be politically aligned thus the party in chair, while protecting own party members/ supporters would target the opponents with full force.
Now while discussing PTI’s recommendations lets analyse its effects. The party’s proposed amendments for election of Chairman NAB, end of plea bargain, abolishing of discretionary powers of Chairman to pardon accused etc would greatly strengthen the accountability ordinance and that says all. A strong, authorized and honest chairman will deal with all the corrupt people, ignoring their alliances, across the board.
It’s high time for the politicians and members parliament to show responsibility while legislating. They have to think by going above their party loyalty. Pakistan is paramount and more important to all of us. Panama Papers Leak has shown us the Pakistanis the real worth of our politicians and their dishonesty and corruption. It’s time for us to demand a proper probe and bring the culprits to justice. Only then Pakistan can prosper and the nation can progress.


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