Balochistan: The Hub of RAW’s Subversive Activities

28 Mar

By: Aasef Chaudhry

An Indian Navy officer, who is serving for spy agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), was arrested in Balochistan few days back. Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti while confirming the arrest, said that RAW officer, identified as Kulbhushun Yadav, was arrested from Balochistan three days ago. As per initial investigation the Indian spy was in contact with Baloch separatists and members of religious organizations involved in stoking sectarian and ethnic unrest in the province. So is for RAW’s meddling in neighbouring countries affairs, while if it comes to domestic front, the innocent Indians can never think about any possibility of RAW undertaking a dangerous terrorist activity inside their own country hence its always ruled out, although there are a lot many examples that they have been doing the same in the past. The prototype of Indian propaganda pose a very terrible picture as whenever a terrorist or sabotage activity is planned by Indian RAW, Indian media pro-actively accuses Pakistan for an looming terrorist attack which is straight away labeled as ISI sponsored.
Sometime during October 2013,the then Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani spoke about the sharing of evidence with India regarding the Indian involvement in trouble in Balochistan Province. It was known to all and there was no doubt that Indian agencies were financing and arming Baloch youths for acts of violence but Pakistan used the diplomatic channels to convey this to India instead of openly airing its grievances. The real issue is why the government had not exposed it publically and the architects of the violence and those behind them were not exposed before the media and the internationally community. That gave Indians a free hand to train and finance their agents for acts of terrorism in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The arrest of Commander Yadav proved that Pakistan’s silence was taken as the latter’s weakness and the Indians more actively interfered in Balochistan. It’s just one agent who is arrested while God knows how many more are still at large; freely roaming in the province and doing harm to the innocent Pakistanis.

Just three years back, in July 2013 Indian media, fed by their Intelligence Bureau, shamelessly hinted against ISI for reactivating its terrorist network to attack Hindu leaders and their establishments in several cities in India. However, notably during the same time, veteran Baloch politician Sardar Akhtar Mengal admitted to the presence of death squads sponsored by Pakistan’s neighbours and foreign powers. He acknowledged that so-called Baloch insurgents had been targeting non-Baloch settlers, mainly those from Punjab, in Balochistan. It was perhaps the first time that Mengal had openly condemned the activities of Baloch insurgents — not easy to do since his younger brother Javed Mengal and two of his nephews – Nooruddin Mengal and Bhawal Mengal – were also allegedly involved in insurgency. The irony is that despite having the strong irrefutable proofs against the Indian involvement, the government, for unknown reasons played on the back foot.

On the other hand the Indian spin doctors especially those linked with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and other extremist Hindu groups are continuously propagating against Pakistan and aggressively use anti ISI storyline with a view to show Pakistan in bad light while slandering Pakistan’s top intelligence agency, ISI. Their sick mind and elusive psyche spread captivating thoughts and breed malice and evilness against Pakistan’s ISI. Driven by their dishonesty and sense of unfriendliness they coin fresh jargons and initiate daydream to conduct nonstop psychological operations which are damaging to Pakistan’s interest and cause aspersions against ISI.
Through such false alarms the Indian Govt was warned to put the security mechanism on high alert as RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat was touring multiple Indian states. Ultimately the entire plot was proved fake and fictitious. Pakistan wrongly ignored the Indian malevolence, suggesting that such baseless allegations will jeopardize the peace process between India and Pakistan. As a matter of fact the Pakistan government should have taken the Indian culprit quarters to task. Sadly, the Indian propagandists learnt nothing and ignored Pakistani advice.
There are no two opinions about good neighbourly relations as well as composite dialogue with India but not at the cost of Pakistan’s prestige. We should keep in view that New Delhi day in and day out has been trumpeting propaganda against Pakistan about terrorists using Pakistani soil against that country. The fact of the matter is that since 2008 there has been no major incident of terrorism in India while on the other hand Pakistan is being targeted every day through blasts or suicide attacks. These acts cannot be executed without arms and finances, which are being supplied to the anti-state elements in Balochistan and KPK by India and some other alien agencies that have their own vested interests. We strongly believe that time has come that Pakistan should raise the critical and crucial issues with India in categorical manner because it is not question of just a province or two but the security and sovereignty of State of Pakistan and New Delhi must bring an end to interference in our internal affairs immediately.
As operation, Zarb-e-Azb is proceeding well and India feels out of sort. They have planned to keep Pakistan, Pak Army and ISI under pressure. Besides that RAW is leaving no stone unturned to fail the CPEC project which will bring prosperity; categorically for the province of Balochistan and generally for the country. The apprehended cover agent commander Yadav was on one such mission. It’s high time for India to realize that the fire they are fueling in the neighbour can soon catch their own house too. However at the same time the government of Pakistan is direly needed to clean under its carpet and remove those suspected Indian agents like Najam Sethi and others from the key post where they are harming the national interest and ruining the institutions like cricket etc.


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