Pakistan and Sindh on 23 March

25 Mar

By Sohail Parwaz

Jinnah’s aim was to get more rights for Muslims. While giving his 14 points Jinnah stated that it was the “parting of ways” and that he did not want and would not have anything to do with the Indian National Congress in the future. The keen observers and seasoned analysts of that era drew impartial comparison between Mr. Jinnah’s fourteen points and Nehru’s report of 1928 and considered them as a political gap between the Muslims and the Hindus in India. Those who are losing their breath to prove Mr. Jinnah as a secular should bother themselves to study the history because, when Muhammad Ali Jinnah presented his fourteen points, the aim behind these points was to safeguard the political rights of Muslims through a constitutional reform plan. The seven out of fourteen points of Quaid-e-Azam were directly in support of constitutional reforms and indirectly were supportive to the Muslims’ interest, while five points were unswervingly insisting for the Muslim rights.

One fails to understand that if Mr. Jinnah had long for secular stance and motives then why on earth (and in the Subcontinent) the Hindus disregarded them and why Mr. Nehru hatefully called them as Jinnah’s “14 ridiculous points”? Anyone can always take a look on those particular and forceful five points those were supporting the Muslim interests. Those five points were; In the Central Legislature, Muslim representation shall not be less than one third, secondly, any territorial distribution that might at any time be necessary shall not in any way affect the Muslim majority, thirdly, provision should be made in the constitution giving Muslims an adequate share, along with the other Indians, in all the services of the state and in local self-governing bodies having due regard to the requirements of efficiency, fourthly, the constitution should embody adequate safeguards for the protection of Muslim culture and for the protection and promotion of Muslim education, language, religion, personal laws and Muslim charitable institutions and for their due share in the grants-in-aid given by the state and by local self-governing bodies and lastly, no cabinet, either central or provincial, should be formed without there being a proportion of at least one-third Muslim ministers.
This all premise has been made just to let people know that what is going around them in the beloved motherland in the name of politics, democracy and the freedom of speech. Since last few years a deliberate campaign has been launched to distort the historic facts about the creation of Pakistan. Every now and then, a new issue is purposely raised; sometime about the State’s religion and at other occasion doubts about the integrity and loyalty of the Quaid’s colleagues. Sometimes ago a seasoned politician of Shehla Raza’s stature also showed ignorance regarding the independence movement. The lady happens to be a member of Sindh assembly; the august house of a province that played a great role in the war of independence. The painful thing is that the deliberate maligning campaign has now extended to the social media hangouts. There is clip available on video channels where idiot, like late Hakim Ali Zardari father of Asif Ali Zardari used derogatory remarks for late Quaid e Azam.

Sindh was an important center of accomplishments during the Khilafat Movement. The Hijrat Tehrik also started in Sindh, when many Sindhi Muslims sold their properties and migrated to Afghanistan. This was the contribution of Sindhis for Islam and Pakistan and now it’s painful to admit that in the same very Sindh anti state propaganda is nurturing and people are brain washed that the very slogan of Pakistan movement “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia? La ilahaa illAllah” was not associated with Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and was never a part of the drive and to support their point in a Muslim State closed holiday is announced on a Hindu festival in the same very Sindh province.

Agreed that the Quaid assured the minorities the full religious liberties as it should be in any Islamic state but he never talked of allowing them to extend their stick to a point from where the ‘Muslim Nose’ started. Hence, one fails to understands that how could he be termed as a leader with the secular state? Audio of Quaid-e-Azam’s historical speech in Urdu is very much on the record where he moved the crowd when said while mincing the words that, “Humaen Pakistan ko qayim rakhnay kay leaye abhi aur qurbani dayni ho gee. Muslmaan museebat maen ghabraya nahi kerta”.

This misleading propaganda is actively done by a political party which has already become a comical circus, hence, is in a nosedive due to their out of time immature acts like wasting money on the events similar to Sindh festival and amidst this the party’s indifference to hunger and poverty of the inopportune Sindhis of draughty Tharparker has added salt to the injuries. When a large number of starved children were dying due to lack of food and water, PPP was busy with the festivals and sumptuous luncheons.

Its high time that someone should put a ruthless stop at this muck and discourage this image tarnishing and history fabricating campaign, forthwith. Sindh is the other name of Pakistan and lets not allow the idiots to take this honour from Sindh.


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