The 6th September Demands

7 Oct

By: Sohail Parwaz

The 6th of September is not just a calendar date to be remembered. It’s now recalled as the fortitude symbol. Fifty years have passed. Those, who born during 1965 are now knocking at the doors of old age. A couple of decades more and then may be no one would be there to relate or recount the firsthand account of this heroic and fearless battle which our gallant troops fought against a three times large adversary. For quite a long time our enemy India kept her face buried in shame and humiliation for two reasons; first they had no justification for this unprovoked and unannounced war and secondly despite waging an surprise war with an army much larger than its neighbor, the Indian government and the forces were disgraced and ruthlessly mortified. Nevertheless, with the passage of time the followers of Chanakya reverted to their conventional unethical tactics and instead of fighting an open war, they opted to fight a war of conspiracies and ploys which they had been doing since centuries against the Muslims like Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan and many others. There was no dearth of conscienceless scum like Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq who claimed to be Muslims and were available even now with new names and faces. After an unethical success in East Pakistan for which the shameless Indians proudly took a credit, our cunning neighbor started looking for more ‘Mirs’ in Pakistan and to their delight and contentment they found ample of them, beyond their expectations.

The Indians planned a parallel war; on media as well as on diplomatic front. In media they easily found the stuff for sale; the people who were otherwise average and so called journalists and were not worth given a damn about and in the political circles they spotted the politicians who were more interested in developing their personal business relations and ties with the Indian counterparts than solving the core issues like Kashmir and Baglihar Dam. Incidentally the combo worked and what they were gaining on political front was blown out of proportion through their media stooges. Gradually and discreetly they developed a force of disgraceful fifth columnists that was tasked to ridicule and belittle the armed forces of Pakistan and especially the Army, criticize them on every forum and front, target them and demonize them. These pseudo intellectuals also known as the liberals gleefully obeyed their masters merely for money and liquor. Many of them were caught red handed several times coming out of the Indian High Commission function after attending wet parties.

These disgraceful parasites, which are living and eating in Pakistan, have a lot of filth and venom to spit against the armed forces of the country but when it comes to praising the sons of the soil, one will find them short of words; may it is operation Zarb e Azb or the war against the economic terrorism. One will suddenly find them vanishing from the social sites like Twitter and Facebook which are otherwise choked with their mudslinging against the armed forces. These paid agents have another smart strategy to follow and that’s to utter every derogatory word against Pakistan and its armed forces in the name of media freedom but whenever they are rebutted or countered they make hue and cry and propagate that paid writers and journalists are writing on the behest of the army and ISI. They make these accusations without looking at their own self and characterless behavior. Well, once it comes to that then one prefers and takes pride in writing for his courageous and chivalrous forces and ISI then writing for the iniquitous and impious enemy India and its notorious agency RAW. Interestingly, they have been tasked to defame Pakistan army and distort the history of September 65 War as well and soon people will find these moles out of their holes.

The time has finally come to put these fifth columnists back in their shoes. It’s high time to fight a war against the media terrorists, after a successful war against the war on terror and an ongoing war against the economic terrorism. No one has any validation to stay in Pakistan and talk against this land of pure and its sacred organisations. If it really bothers them then they may feel free to leave Pakistan and go to their ‘Nanihaal’ (maternal land).

The historic day of 6th September demands that these subverting elements be put back to the place they belong and that’s the bottom-line.


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